Born of Fire: Book 2 – A Broken Magic


Product Description

On a quest for domination, evil sorcerers from another land tore apart the barriers between our worlds, and the release of magical energy burned the Earth. Ten years later, a young woman named Skylar took control of the magic and used it to stop the sorcerers and seal the rift. Earth was saved. Or so it seemed. Now a new threat rises. Though the rift was closed, sorcerers from that distant land still lin in our world, and the greatest of them, Embreal, has vowed to open a new rift. Helping him is Cassandra, – a dark reflection of Skylar – who is devoted to him heart and soul. Will Skylar’s magic be enough to stop them? And, when she finally comes face to face with Cassandra, will she user her power against someone she so easily could have become?

“Justin Macumber’s BORN OF FIRE series follows a very unique storyline and I love that it doesn’t feel just like every other book I’ve read. He has an amazing way of developing a universe that you can see. I am excited for what more is to come from Mr. Macumber.” — Amy Dale, author of OFF WITH HER HEART

“Justin Macumber knows how to master both action and character. His writing takes you places you’ll want to go!” — Philippa Ballantine, author of GEIST, WRAYTH, and co-author of the MINISTRY OF PECULIAR OCCURRENCES series

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