Once our greatest weapon. Now our gravest threat.

When the aliens known as the Hezrin invaded our solar system, we were defenseless against them, their power and technology too much for us. But then from the mind of a mad genius came our salvation — the Titans. Using nanotechnology that turned ordinary soldiers into armored warriors with the strength to tear starships in half, the Titans were able to not only repel the alien invaders, but then vowed to chase them across the galaxy until the Hezrin were destroyed.

That was a hundred years ago. Neither the Titans nor the Hezrin have been heard from since.

Now, finally, the Titans have returned, but instead of coming home as conquering heroes, they’ve been infected by a virus that’s driven them insane and compelled them to destroy everything they’d fought so long and hard to protect.

Standing between them and humanity’s destruction are a scholar, her son, and the only Titan able to resist the infection. Will they find a way to save humanity from its own greatest weapon?

Praise for HAYWIRE:

“A riproaring adventure through the galaxy, full of sound and fury, yet at its center it is a surprisingly touching commentary on what it is to be human.”
– Philippa Ballantine, author of GEIST and SPECTYR, and co-author of MINISTRY OF PECULIAR OCCURANCES

“A thrilling chase through a superbly realized future solar system. Enhanced warriors, space pirates, galactic threats and more make this a powerful debut from a strong new voice in speculative fiction.”
– Alan Baxter, author of REALMSHIFT and MAGESIGN

“With nods to comic book super heroes, mutant robots, and the sweeping menace of mechanization, Justin Macumber’s HAYWIRE is a thrill ride from first blood to closing sigh. HAYWIRE explores most of the tropes of hard-core space opera with nanite technology, space pirates, and a host of bad guys who are good guys, good guys who are bad guys, and all of them just hoping to survive the next catastrophe. Drawn with a broad brush, the comic book roots to this work add depth and style. Sure the good guys are bigger than life, and the bad guys are purely evil, but Macumber drags you through the story at a relentless pace. I found it difficult to put down.”

“HAYWIRE is sure to satisfy cravings for Saturday matinee high adventure space fantasy.”
– Matthew Wayne Selznick, author of the SOVEREIGN ERA storyworld

HAYWIRE is now available for purchase. If you’d like to read the first three chapters of the book for free, click HERE.

I hope that all of you are ready and eager to buy your copy, because I’m more than ready for you to get it. It’s available via the following links:







Now, some people have asked me, “What about signed copies of the print book?” If that’s something you’d be interested in, send me an email. The cost is $15, which covers the cost of the book, the padded envelope it’ll be shipped out in, and the postage. If you like outside North America, let me know and we can work out whatever shipping overage there might be.

I hope that you order the book, love it, order copies for your friends and family, and then you review it on Amazon or where ever you bought it to help bring more people on board. I also hope you pass this post along to everyone you know, and so on, and so on.

Finally, if you’d like to know more about what inspired HAYWIRE, as well as read some deleted chapters from earlier drafts, head on over the BEHIND THE WORDS page and give it a look. I think you’ll enjoy learning how the story evolved. HAYWIRE took a long time to get in your hands, and the path it walked was a crooked one. Come see how different it was once upon a time…


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  1. […] Haywire by Justin R. Macumber will be released March 13th, 2012 on Gryphonwood Press. […]

  2. Good luck, Justin. Good cover. I wish you all the best with it. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I like to support writers.

  3. Thank you, Molly. I certainly do appreciate that.

  4. Danny Terry says:

    Congrats Justin and best of luck. I don’t miss an episode of Dead Robot’s Society. I consider it as one of my classes at Podcast University. I’ll be buying the book as a way to say thanks for all your show has taught me. Print edition of course.

  5. Aww! Thanks for the compliment for the show, and for buying a copy of the book. If you enjoy the novel as much as you enjoy the show, then I will be mighty happy. Let me know what you think when you’re finished with it.

  6. Bought a copy – maybe it’ll tide me over ’till you’re done!

  7. Wow, thank you, Melissa! I hope you like my sci-fi work. You’ve been up to your elbows in my fantasy stuff, so this will be a real change of pace, I’m sure.

  8. […] This week’s episodes are brought to you by Haywire. […]

  9. […] This week’s episodes are brought to you by Haywire. […]

  10. […] read for Justin Macumber was a shining example of that partnership. Published by Gryphonwood Press, Haywire is a YA science fiction novel that centers on a group of super soldiers infected with a dangerous […]

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