FRAGILE One Step Closer To Publication

As some of you may be aware, my latest book is a follow-up to STILL WATER, my first horror novel. FRAGILE tells the continuing journey of Maya, a paranormal investigator who also happens to have a touch of the supernatural about her. Maya is a character I adore (she might be my favorite creation), and I love getting to tell more of her story, something I plan on do more of in the years to come. Last week I finished my first editing pass, and now it’s in the hands of several beta readers who will hopefully help me make it a tighter, more entertaining book. Once I get their notes back I’ll give the book another editing pass before sending it to Gryphonwood Press. My fingers are crossed that it works as well for others as it did for me while writing it.

Stay tuned for further developments. I want to make the eventual release something special.