I’m back!

Well, a year and a half after I last posted something to this site, I’m back! Why have I been away so long, you might ask? You see, it goes like this… I’m lazy, and when it comes to fixing internet issues I’m not very good at it, and around the same time as I posted the cover reveal for STILL WATER I somehow screwed up my site so that half the time you tried to get to it you’d instead get an error. I tried to fix it myself, but nothing I did helped. I then decided to redo my entire site using SquareSpace, but my laziness kicked in and I never got around to it. I was too busy working on a new novel that I later set aside to write something different, and before I knew it over a year had gone by and I still hadn’t done anything about it. Typical Justin.

So, one day I received an email from a listener of the Dead Robots’ Society podcast saying that he had started a website building company and would like to offer me his services. His name is Oscar Heller of Monstrous Designs, and after talking with him I decided to let him have at it. Now, a little while later, you can see the results of all his hard work. Now my site is focused on my books (is it crass to put all the product link stuff up top?), it’s clean and dependable, AND it’s setup so that it can be easily viewed on a mobile browser. It’s everything I wanted and more. PLUS I now have an actual store! If you want to go to Amazon and buy my books, I have links for that, but if you’d like to buy from me instead, there is a SHOP button up top that will let you do so.

Why buy from me instead of Amazon? For one, I would actually make much more per purchase than I would through Amazon. Secondly, if you want a print book, I can sign it if you so desire. If you decide to go with ebooks instead, when you purchase from me you will get a ZIP file that contains the top three ebook formats – MOBI, EPUB, and PDF. That will cover all your electronic reading needs.

And, with that, I bid you a good evening. I will be back tomorrow with more news and updates. I’m so sorry that it took me this long to get my site updated, but I promise that from here on out I’ll be much more active and on top of things. Take care, and be good.

Oh! One last thing! At the bottom of the page is a place where you can join my mailing list. I promise I will never spam you, and I’m thinking of ways I can incentivize your joining. Please sign up now, and when I have new book information to share, you will be the first to hear it!