I’m in a new anthology – DIRTY MAGICK: LOS ANGELES

Hi, everyone! I know, I know, it’s been awhile, but I hate to spam just to fill in content. I want to make sure when I post that it’s something worth reading. This most certainly applies. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

DIRTY MAGICK: LOS ANGELES is an anthology from Lucky Mojo Press. The synopsis for it reads: “Dirty Magick: Los Angeles” is an urban fantasy anthology exploring the crossroads between magic and crime. Set in the city that invented noir, these stories comb the back streets and side alleys where the shadows are so sharp they can shave you clean.”

My story for it is entitled THAT OLD HELL MAGIC, and it’s about a police detective on the hunt for a demon that has stolen souls in a night club on the Sunset Strip. Right now it’s available in ebook form for the Kindle and Nook, and soon it’ll also be available on the iBookstore and in print. When it is I’ll update this post. I’m really proud of the story, and I’m proud that it’s featured in this anthology. Please click on the links below and purchase your copy today. It’s at a great price point.

Thanks, and I’ll be back soon with even more great news!


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