A New Venture – TV Talk

I am a big fan of television. Perhaps too big a fan, some might say. I always have been, ever since I was a kid marveling at the adventures of Michael Knight and KITT on Knight Rider, and over the past several year TV has been responsible for some of the greatest storytelling I’ve ever seen (e.g., LOST, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Breaking Bad). When Aaron Peterson asked me to be on the co-hosts on his The Hollywood Outsider podcast I jumped at the opportunity since it meant I would get to chat weekly with people who were just as nerdy about movies and television as I was. But, recently I was presented with another venue for my love, and I wanted to tell you about it in case you’re as geeky about TV as I am.

As their site properly states, TV Talk is the hottest new brand in second-screen TV entertainment. Using their app — which is available for iOS and Google mobile devices — you can listen to 20 minute chats between two knowledgeable hosts as they discuss what happened on your favorite show, speculate about what’s to come, and present intriguing questions of the week to get you engaged and interacting via the app. It is a completely free service, so don’t worry that you’re going to be charged anything. Get the app for free, pick which shows you like to watch, and it will download the TV Talk episodes for you. That is pretty easy! And it’s totally free!

Now, I will be co-hosting two shows for TV Talk. They will be Grimm and Sleepy Hollow. Grimm returns to television October 25th, so there will be a little while before we start talking about it, but Sleepy Hollow premiers September 16th, which is just over a week from now. Aaron, whom I mentioned earlier, is hosting that show with me, and a premier episode has already been released in which we talked about the original Washington Irving short story, what we know about the upcoming show, and how they relate and diverge from one another. I sincerely hope you’ll give it a listen and then try more TV Talk shows.

Anyway, that’s all from me for now. Please check out TV Talk and then let me know what you think. I wouldn’t have joined up with them if I didn’t feel like it was a quality service. I’m confident you will too. Click on the image below to get started.