My Next Project

Life never quite goes where you think it will, and the same goes for art. I figured after finishing the edits for STILL WATER and A BROKEN MAGIC (which I’m nearly done with, by the way) I’d work on one of the new ideas I mentioned in a previous blog post. I already have plenty of stories that are waiting to be told. But, when I asked my wife Krista what she thought I should write next, she said, “You need to writer another HAYWIRE story.”

That threw me. While many people have asked me in the past to tell more stories about the Titans, it wasn’t something I’d really considered. HAYWIRE was the story I wanted to tell, and I’d told it. Honestly, I hadn’t been all that interested in going back to that universe. But her words gave me pause to reconsider. Were there more stories I could tell? Sure, absolutely. Would I be interested enough in telling them though? Come to find out, maybe. Now I just have to figure it out. I have an opening already in mind, and I definitely have an ending, so now I sort out how I get from the one to the other. That’s the writer’s toughest task.

As early as this new project is, though, I have already come up with the title for it. Are you ready? You wanna sit down? Here it is —


Yep, there ya go. In the next month or so I’ll begin outlining the story of how the Titans came to be, and of the beginning of their battle against the Hezrin invaders. As more develops, I will keep you in the loop. I also gave my brother Scott an idea for the cover, so he has plenty of time to make it just as good or even better than what he made for HAYWIRE. And when it’s done hopefully the fine folks at Gryphonwood Press will want to publish it.

That’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll have news regarding the future of STILL WATER and A BROKEN MAGIC soon. Until then, stay classy…