My Progress So Far

A Minor Magic Audiobook

As you may recall, this year I had a lot of projects planned, and I had a schedule laid out for how I was going to get them done. I’m almost two months in, and while I’m not exactly on track, I’m not that far off either, and I’ll take that.

My first two projects for this year were short stories, both for anthologies I was asked to write for. The first one, THE DRAGON AND THE SPARROW, took longer than I thought it would, which is why I’m a little behind schedule. Why is it late? Because getting into the mode of writing a western (which I’ve never done before) with Samurai influences (which I’ve also never done) proved trickier than I’d expected. Instead of two weeks to write it, it took me almost a month. But, the good thing is that I wrote what I feel is a quality story, and the anthology publisher loved it too. Whew!

The second project was IT CAME FROM THE BLACK, a story inspired by the classic Universal film “The Creature From The Black Lagoon.” Because that one was more in my wheelhouse, it was much easier to write. I had so much fun, in fact, that I wish I could write more of them. The characters I came up with really spoke to me. I allotted two weeks to write it, and that’s exactly how long it took. The publisher is looking at it right now. Hopefully I won’t have to edit it too much. I think it’s great, but I’m rather biased.

So, what do I work on now? Well editing STILL WATER of course. It feels like forever since I wrote that first draft. I barely remember it, in fact, which is good, because it gives me a fresh perspective on it. I’ll start on that tomorrow. Today I’m busy catching up on email and other things (like this poor blog, for instance). I hope you’re looking forward to reading the new short stories, because I’m really excited to get them out to you.