2013’s Works In (Or Soon To Be) Progress


2012 was a pretty busy year, but when I think about everything I want to accomplish in 2013 it makes last year look lazy. For those who want to know what all I have on the docket for the new year, here is a list. Please feel free to tell me what you think, especially if any of these ideas excite you.

THE DRAGON AND THE SPARROW – This is a short story for an anthology entitled WAY OF THE GUN I was invited to be part of. The theme of the anthology is “Samurai meets the Old West via gunslingers.” I love that premise, and today I started work on my story. I should be done with the first draft by the end of next week.

IT CAME FROM THE BLACK – This is another anthology short story I was invited to write. The theme for this one is a new take on Universal’s classic monsters. I picked The Creature From The Black Lagoon. This one will probably round out January.

BURNING HEAVEN – With this one I’ll be heading back to sci-fi. I’m going to brainstorm this one on the Roundtable Podcast, then write up an outline. But, before I can begin full scale work on it, I’ll need to work on…

Second Draft of STILL WATER – I think this horror novel has sat on my hard drive long enough. Time to give it another whack, then send it off to beta readers to see what they think.

Second Draft of A BROKEN MAGIC – While beta readers are going through STILL WATER I’ll be going back through this one. Hopefully by the time I’m done with the second draft I’ll be getting notes back on STILL WATER. When my beta readers are ready, I’ll send out this book for notes.

I’m figuring that at this point I’ll be around the end of June. If so, I’ll possibly be getting started on a new secret project. I’m not saying much about it now because (A)it might not happen, and (B)I want some mystery to build up to help promote it.

While that is (or isn’t) going on I’ll be working on the third draft of STILL WATER. Depending on the notes I get this could be a quick edit, or it could be a total rewrite. We’ll see. After this draft is done I’ll send it off to publishers.

Third draft of A BROKEN MAGIC – Same as above.

BURNING HEAVEN – This is an odd one, because originally it was going to be a novel, but I might end up writing it in serial form and releasing it that way. If so, it might get peppered in with the other work mentioned here.

Oh! And I can’t forget a horror screenplay I’ll be working on with my brother Scott. This was also originally going to be a novel, but after thinking about it more and discussing it with friends, a screenplay sounds like a better idea since it’s a story about a TV film crew. Not sure how where and how it’ll fit in with all the things mentioned above. I’ll find a way though. Since my brother will be working on it with me, that’ll help.

I imagine that all of that will take up most, if not all, of my year. We’re talking two books, two short stories, a screenplay, and a serialized story, along with a secret project. Not too bad. If I somehow find that I have time left before 2014 rolls around, I have two more books I want to get working on. They are A KILLING MAGIC (the third and final book in the MINOR MAGIC trilogy) and HEARTLESS, a horror novel about a man who looses his wife and in his grief finds that there are worse fates than death. I imagine, though, that those are books I’ll be talking about next year.

So, that’s it! Whew! I think it’s enough. Don’t you? I’ll try to be better at keeping you guys up to date on my progress on each of these. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll also stop by the page for A MINOR MAGIC and buy a copy. If it doesn’t sell well, then all my work on A BROKEN MAGIC will be for naught, and A KILLING MAGIC won’t happen at all. Don’t let that happen.

Later on, friends!