Join the Pilgrimage!

My friend Matthew Wayne Selznick recently began a Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of his next novel, “Pilgrimage – A New Novel Of The Sovereign Era.” I’m here today to ask you to help me make sure his campaign gets fully funded. I’m not asking because he’s my friend, though he is. I’m also not asking because he’s a really nice and giving person, which he also is. I’m asking because Matt is someone who has given a lot to me, the podcasting community, and the independent writer movement. He’s also a damn talented guy. I greatly enjoyed his first Sovereign Era book, “Brave Men Run,” and I desperately want to read more. But, that won’t happen if we can’t help Matt reach his funding goal of $5000. As of this posting, he’s only a touch under $500 away from it! There are five days left to go, and I know we can do it. So please, in the interest of satiating my need for his work, not to mention restoring my faith in humanity, click on the LINK and send some money his way. There are great incentives on offer, so you can’t lose!

Speaking of which, to put my money (or, rather, my efforts) where my mouth is, I’m also contributing to the incentive package that Matt’s put together. I was inspired by Scott Roche, who offered up some goodies of his own. So, if you help Matt reach his goal, I’m offering up the following:

If you pledge $5 I will send you a zip file containing my ebook short story “Pirates of the Crimson Sand.” Philippa Ballantine, author of “Geist” and “Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel,” said of this story, “With PIRATES OF THE CRIMSON SAND you better learn to hold onto the rigging, as Justin Macumber catapults you into action and adventure. You can practically taste the sand in your mouth and feel the adrenalin in your blood.” It will come in MOBI and EPUB formats so you can read them on whatever device you prefer.

If you pledge $10, not only will you get “Pirates,” but you’ll also get my ebook short story “Dark Running,” which won First Prize at the FenCon V Short Story Contest. It will also come in MOBI and EPUB formats.

Lastly, if you pledge $15 you will get both of those short stories AND you also get my four part short story series “The Ties That Bind: A Tale of the Breaking Dawn” in ebook format. Jeremy Robinson, author of “Pulse” and “SecondWorld” said about this collection, “The Ties That Bind is some of the best sci-fi I’ve read all year and the crew of the Breaking Dawn will have you rooting for their success on every page. Exciting, smart and well written, this is a story that is seriously worth reading.” MOBI and EPUBs for this one as well.

All of the stories are in DRM-free files, so no need to worry on that count, and these incentives are available to everyone who has pledged, not just new pledges. To get these stories, please forward the email receipt Amazon will send you upon the funding of the campaign to I’ll respond with the zip file containing your incentive(s) attached. Easy!

And there you have it. I hope that this gives some of you the extra incentive you might have needed to help Matt achieve his goal and write the next Sovereign Era novel. I wouldn’t stand behind him and offer my work if I didn’t believe in him. You should believe in him too. Head over, pledge, and then get ready for some great fiction to come your way.