Book Review – The Wind Through The Keyhole

I am a massive Dark Tower fan, and when I heard King was coming out with a story that would bridge the gap between books 4 and 5 I was overjoyed since there’s a bit of tonal disconnect between them, as well as some missing story. Sadly, while the actual writing in “The Wind Through The Keyhole” is fantastic, it really doesn’t add much to the Dark Tower story. Or, more specifically, to the story of Roland and his ka-tet. “The Wind Through The Keyhole” is almost entirely a flashback to Roland’s youth, a recounting of a mission his father sent him on, and in the middle of that is another tale, this one of another character new to the books. So really, “The Wind Through The Keyhole” is a story within a story, neither of which really adding to the Dark Tower saga other than to layer on a little more flesh to the world. I could also see additional trouble if this was read in the proper order since book 4, “Wizard & Glass,” is itself mostly a flashback to Roland’s youth. To read two such books back to back would probably be a bit maddening.

Ultimately I came away glad that I read it (as I am whenever I read a Stephen King novel), but disappointed in how little it brought to the Dark Tower overall story.

Three stars out of five.