“Home” by Joe Satriani

I know I said I’d try and post up a music entry at least once a week, and it seems I failed to keep that up right from the start. Such is me and my wondering brain…

This week I present a song from one of my favorite musicians of all time – Joe Satriani. Joe (or Satch) is a guitarist without peer in my opinion, at least so far as rock music is concerned. There are a lot of instrumental guitarists out there, and some of them are probably more technically proficient than he is, but for my money none of them has his combination of heart, technique, and soul. He isn’t about an endless procession of scales or hammer-ons. He doesn’t play songs that are one long solo. He’s about songs with power and skill, but also with melody. I love his work, and I celebrate his entire catalog.

This song, “Home,” is from his self-titled CD. I love it. The first time I heard it was as I was driving, and I had to pull over because it was so damn powerful. I makes me sad and happy all at one. I wish this video was of him performing it, but this was all I could find. I hope you enjoy it.