Another soldier falls…

When my Xbox 360 died, I wasn’t surprised. Only someone with their head buried in the sand or up their tuckus was unaware of the pending doom that is the RLoD (Red Lights of Death). An early model 360 wasn’t so much a machine of gaming wonderment and joy so much as it was a ticking repair job time bomb. I knew the risks, the dangers, and went in anyway. When I was hit I took it on the chin like a man and dealt with it. Now I have a newer model, one with the latest chipsets, and am well pleased.

But yesterday… yesterday my PlayStation 3 fell. Everything seemed fine, and then BAM! Nothing. I reset the power, and all I got was a two second green light before it flashed yellow and then blinked at me with its mournful red light. No amount of resets changed things. It was over. An internet search informed me that it had fallen prey to the (previously unknown by me) YLoD, which I think you can work out the meaning of. What made the moment truly sad was that it was an original 60GB fatty model. What makes that special, you ask? Well, those models are 100% backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 games. Newer models are either partially backwards compatible or not at all. The whole reason I bought the 60GB model PS3, in spite of the lack of compelling software at the time, was because I knew Sony was going to be ending their production of said 60GB models, and I didn’t want to run the risk of not being able to play older games, or worse… having to repurchase a PS2 and figure out how to plug it into my mess of an AV system. I liked my PS3, and I wanted to keep it.

Thankfully I found a place online that specializes in PS3 repairs, has a good reputation, and seems to work fast. Hopefully they can resurrect my baby and get it back to me soon. Here’s hoping. If they do, I’ll shout their praises to the heavens. If not, you’ll hear about that too. Cross your fingers for me.