LOST just gets better and better

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You know, I’ve loved LOST from the very beginning. It was smarter than just about any show on the air, and to this day I think it’s smarter than 99.9% of everything else on TV. A lot of people have bitched and moaned that it’s lost its edge (pardon the pun) or that the writers have no clue as to where the show is headed. To that I say, bunk. While they might have started off winging it, I believe they’ve had a goal in mind since soon thereafter, and my conversation with Jesse Alexander (former writer/producer for LOST, now on Heroes – you can listen to it at my podcast website of www.deadrobotssociety.com) only convinces me more. And, while last season was a bit uneven, it was stillĀ amazing television, and by the end of it was I felt like I’ve been on a roller-coaster of master storytelling.

Tonight’s episode took all the stakes that had been established thus far, and raised them to a whole new level. Holy crap! I really just cannot wait to see where it goes next. Brilliant!